A new concept for legal medicine

Medexpert developed the organisational model that everyone uses in medical insurance in Italy today.

Gli Strumenti

  • Web Server: the first Web Server System to manage every medical process toward Insurance Companies, with the main value of being completely developed by the cooperation of IT and Medical Experts.

  • On line Expertise: Medexpert Patent Pending, currently used by all Insurance Companies in Italy.

Auditing and Outcomes

  • Detailed audit of the Medical Network's evaluations on temporary disability and congruence of recognized medical expenses, according with current Law

  • IT audited expertise is furthermore submitted to Central Medical Auditing

  • IT System provides Audit, Service Level Agreements and statistics tailored to each Company requirements
UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification

Medexpert achieved
UNI EN ISO 9001 (2015)

by TUV Italy.

Certificate for: "Provision of services to support insurance companies for forensic scientific visits and opinions".

Certificazione di qualità ISO 9001
Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
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